Thursday, 13 November 2014

Trees Update

Over the past few months I have heard of and seen several wonderful Cases of a card I created and shared back in August - my first Tree Shaker card featuring the Festival of Trees stamp set. You can see the original post again with a Tutorial here  but this is the card :-)

This was my first play with the stamp set as the original post was called and I was quite amazed and humbled by how may people enjoyed this card.
Several people have taken the time to comment that they have Cased this card and some have used it for Workshops and that is so wonderful as to occasionally inspire others is what we all hope to do and it is fabulous when it actually happens!
And today, I received a special comment - from Indina in Germany  who has done just that and used this card in a Class and I am so honoured! It is one thing to see other very good versions of the card. But to see it stamped in another language was for me really very special!!
And it got me thinking - that it is such a wonderful thing to be part of a truly International stamping community! And how inspiring it is to be able to share our creations and have them inspire others no matter what language we speak or where we are in the world - so thank you Stampin Up! And thank God for the Internet too :-)

So a big thank you to all who have taken the time to share that they've Cased this card and enjoyed making it - it is truly humbling and inspiring for me too :-)

Happy stamping until next time,



  1. Hi Jan,
    it's great to see my name and a link here :-)
    Thank you very much,

  2. Congratulations Jan on being such an inspiration to all of us!!! But I always knew it :)) - Katerina

    1. Thank you Katerina :-) you have always been a great encouraging friend :-)