Wednesday 31 August 2016

Sally's Story - more Project Life.

Hello and happy Wednesday!! Today is officially the last day of Winter and the weather seems one step ahead - 17 degrees and the Wattle and all it's pollens is out. So looking forward to being able to say tomorrow that Spring is finally here :-)

But in the meantime, thought I'd share the first pages in the story of Sally the Lab. You can read about our Project Life challenge at Just Add Ink this week here - that's what got me started on creating these pages, that and a nudge from a lovely friend!

Sally, was adopted in September 2010 from the Lort Smith Animal Hospital's Shelter where she had been called "Cougar". She had been there 5 weeks after being surrendered. All we knew for sure was that she was 6 years old,  and had at least one litter of puppies and was very scared of people. So she became Sally (imagine calling out "'Cougar" at the park....eek!!) and it took 2 weeks to get any photos of her because as soon as she saw a camera or phone (or tv remote) raised she ran away, thinking it was going to be thrown at her...

For the first 24hours she didn't want to be touched...she would move away. But the second morning she seemed to realise she was safe and rolled over onto her back for the first of many tummy rubs....the third morning her tail wagged to greet us....and slowly but surely over the next 2 years, this sad, depressed and anxious girl blossomed into the confident, happy, cheeky and very loving girl we know today. The only time now she reverts back to being anxious and a little fearfully snappy is at the local vets. She's not keen on the idea of being left behind....she's had good experiences (though several surgeries) at the Vet Specialist's in Hallam and is much loved there - no wonder she smooches all the nurses when she's out the back :-)

After a couple of weeks we went to visit our friend Bernie and her lovely Lab, Mixie and they quickly became good friends. Sally relished the opportunity to explore with her new friend and roll in the grass. One thing she is now known for is loving to give a surprise kiss - on the lips!!  Here she caught Aunty Bernie by surprise before being tuckered out and enjoying a cuddle on Mum's lap :-)

Seeing her blossom a little more each week with her gentle and cheeky personality allowed to show through was such a blessing to witness. I'd had 2 dogs before but helping Sally was a huge dog behaviour learning curve. Although it's hard to think of why anyone might abuse an otherwise loving and super intelligent animal  - to see her change and start going up to people looking for a pat instead of barking in fear and trying to hide as she first did - was such a delight and so worth the early moments of heartbreak on discovering that she had suffered cruelty. "Super Sally" was the name coined by Bernie and it has definitely stuck :-)

And the
Hello Lovely Project Life Kit - cards and accessories
Card stock: Pool Party, Basic Black, Whisper White
Stamps: Alphabet Labeller
Accessories: Big Shot, Sunshine Wishes thinlits

There are a few more pages and friends to introduce in amongst the usual card posts so stay tuned!

Happy stamping until next time,



  1. Labs are the greatest dog, yes, it is hard to image people being cruel to such loving creatures! Love your story and your PL pages. We adopted a puppy mill breeding female, Cocker Spaniel, and it took her two years to be able to trust my hubby, but now she goes and ask for love from him, it melts him into a puddle when she does! :)

    1. That's such a lovely story Mary!! I can imagine how much that would mean to you both having seen similar things here. It is such a delight to watch them come out of their shells and learn to live and love again isn' it? Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing :-)

  2. So inspiring Jan. Your pages are lovely. I should definitely start doing Rusty's album too. I do have quite a stash of PL supplies and a ton of photos so what am I waiting for? LOL

    1. LOL, Louise - I too had lots of PL supplies ready to took the JAI challenge to get me started :-) Please do Louise - I'd love to see some more photos of your lovely Rusty too :-)

  3. Oh Jan. I loved your Sally story and the beautiful pages you created. So heartwarming. Brought tears to my eyes reading it.

    1. Thank you so much Vicki - it honestly amazes me how much she has changed since those early days. It will be the 6th anniversary of her Adoption next week and you'd never guess her beginnings now. She is so loving and placid - and totally spoilt I must say :-)