Friday, 8 September 2017

Just Add D....JAI #376

Happy Friday to you and welcome! The last week seems to have gone very quickly. Most of my time including most nights I have been busy caring for Sally the Lab whose health continues to go in a 2 steps forward and 1 back trend. Between the two of us we've been at the Drs or vets almost every day this's been full on! However, I am glad to report that after a lot of medication tweaking she is moving mostly forwards now :-) She had a CT Scan 2 weeks ago that revealed a surprise benign brain tumour. So far she is unaffected by it and her main issue remains a larynx/breathing one.

So this week's new challenge at Just Add Ink suggested by Tina seems to be perfectly timed for us. :-) Our lovely design team have created really gorgeous cards with many "D" subjects to inspire you so I hope you can take a moment to pop on over and we'd love you to join us.
For me ..."D" is for dog of course :-) For years, a good friend has been asking me to scrap book Sally's adventures and the time has come to follow through so here are two seperate Doggy Days....

For this page, I used some retired Project life cards to document a fun afternoon.
I was holding a Stamp & Chat afternoon and we all came wearing the same so we decided to get a quick photo of the three "stamping sisters". Of course, there is no show without Sally - who took full advantage of us sitting at her level to land her favourite trademark - a lightening quick kiss on the lips.

I have never really done much scrap booking but the PL cards make it easy and I added stickers from the pack and also used the Little Letters dies,  and buttons and sequins as accents too.

Page 2 goes on to show that Sal was very pleased with herself and keen to try and catch the rest of us as well :-)

The second set of pages document a recent Winter get away to Daylesford (another D!) where we again caught up with stamping friends! We stayed at a lovely Dog friendly home called Nest and we always enjoyed a morning walk around the Lake...and on our first night,  dinner at the acclaimed Lake House restaurant too.

For these pages, I've used the gorgeous Hello Lovely PL set from last year. 

And the orange flower theme is also reflected in the jacket I'm wearing here :-)

We enjoyed exploring local attractions and on this occasions the stamping friends caught up for lunch too!

These pages were much easier to create than I expected them to be - the card set work well with the colours in these photos and make embellishment easy. 

And certainly the days are memorable - funnily enough Sally wasn't interested in the large gorilla in Trentham at all. Obviously too clever to think it might be real :-)

Thanks for stopping by today and I hope you can take a moment to pop on over to Just Add Ink and see the rest of the inspiration from our lovely team and I look forward to seeing how the letter "D" inspires your projects this week.

Happy stamping until next time



  1. Wowsers, Jan! These pages are amazing. I love the colours in both pages - sorry I can't pick one over the other. I do love that you were able to catch and document Sally sneaking in her quick smooches!! Glad to hear her tweaked medication is agreeing with her x

  2. Absolutely gorgeous pages Jan to capture such special memories! I hope Sally appreciates all your amazing work! Kelly x

  3. Love it Jan! These are fabulous and such a lovely project to create! Glad to hear she is improving slightly, you must both be so over the continual health issues. XX

  4. Truly beautiful pages Jan to celebrate such a special bond you and Sally have. I hope that this week is a week you both keep taking forward steps.

  5. I've loved looking at your fun, colourful and interesting layouts.

  6. Fabulous layouts Jan! Such a great way to remember those treasured moments we have with our pets. Good to hear that Sally is moving forward with her health and I pray that she will continue to improve even more. Fabulous project. Rochelle xo

  7. Oh this is awesome - fabulous layouts and fabulous memories of your beautiful baby x

  8. All your pages all have lovely balance & interesting elements, Jan. You really look like a veteran scrapper. Your layout & words really made me smile - especially about the puppy peck. Our two love sneaking in a lick on the face. Us not so much.

    Sally is in such great hands with you & your trusty vet. I hope she gets a few more steps forward with no backs.

    Hugs to you both, D :)

  9. Fantastic scrapbooking! Lovely work in details and sentiments~