Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Expanded Mini Treat Bag

Yesterday our Sally (11 year old black Lab) went to the Vet (who also happens to be our lovely neighbour) for a dental clean and ended up having 2 upper molars removed. It was a bit of a shock as she gets regular bones etc but there is no way she will ever let you look inside her mouth - unless she's sedated! We suspected there was something not quite right - just not quite that bad! But I suppose she did have a few litters of puppies before she was adopted and she is 11now so not too bad in light of that. Anyway, she is doing really well today and even wanted to go for a bit of a walk - so we did fpop out for 10 mins or so. I doubt I'd be up to that if I'd just had two big back teeth out!

Today I also have the little tutorial I promised on the little expansion to the Mini Treat Bag to fit a Lindt bunny for Easter. You can see the original post here and there is also a link on the page to a video by Linda Parker who came up with the idea and demonstrates how to make them. What I am sharing is a quick and simple photo tutorial based on her video with the added window etc :-)

To start:
Cut two of the large die pieces. As these will be stuck together side by side try to ensure you cut them the same direction so they match :-) And a piece of co-ordinating card stock measuring 11.5 x 4.5 cm scored  at 1cm on each short end.

Next score each bag in the same way : count 2 of the razor points on the shorter side and score all the way down. Next count 5 more and score to just over half way -  the markers are nearly correct in the bottom photo. Do this with both pieces of DSP. Then cut the razor-sharp part off so the height is the same as the main side. Do this for the other piece as well.

Then lightly score and fold all the originally scored sides by the die and add sticky tape to the outside tabs. And angle cut the corners of the long tab.

Next join these two pieces together by the long Tab (other sticky tape yet to be added in the photo - oops!)

Now is a good time to cut your oval or circle or whatever shape you want to use for the window. Just be sure to note which piece will end up being the front of your card as you don't really want the window in the back LOL!

For mine - I measured the height of the bunny so that his face can appear in the window but you could turn the oval up the other way or use another shape too. If you want to strengthen the bag you can add a piece of window sheet to the window now before you put it together as it's a lot easier that when it's put together - how do I know? Because I did it the other way around the first time of course :-)

Now it's time to put the bag together! Start by attaching one end of the card stock and then fold inwards so the DSP sits on top of the card

And just tuck the end pieces in to finish :-)

Happy stamping until next time,



  1. Great tutorial Jan!! All the better to follow the steps and make the bag! So handy! -Katerina

  2. Awesome tutorial Jan! WOW thank you so much for sharing all your tips!